Feb 20, 2018

10 Things Each MBA Candidate in India Must Keep in Mind

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MBA is very popular program in India among students. Each MBA aspirant have a dream to enroll in a top business school and get a great job. But a coin has two sides, same as MBA jobs seems to be an attractive as far as it is, not really so much. If you are one of MBA aspirants then have a look at these 5 things!!

mba courses in india

Things you must keep in mind pre-MBA

1. Have a realistic view of the current job scenario:

Today is not the best time to do an MBA. The market is already flooded with a huge number of us. In addition, the entire Euro crisis is still lingering and especially the investment bank scenario doesn't look really good.

Development is still slow. i-Banks are not hiring right now. And even if the entire economic downturn was to totally go away (for example, by magic), despite everything they wouldn't. The reason being that during the boom and just before the bust, they over-hired.

2. Keep a check on expectations:

It's simply one degree. Yes, they do teach you a considerable measure of stuff in 2 years, however that is it. There is nothing magical about the course. It's just that as of now the MBA degree is in hype, so you will get he perceived advantage of it. However, don't expect that the course will make you the ideal manager or a suave entrepreneur.

3. The news are crap:

You know, the ones that your family and relatives rub your nose in once every year? The one that praise a group of young, clueless individuals for having a 2 crore package? It's all crap. Nobody gets a 2 crore package. The highest MBA package you get in India would be Rs 40-45 lakh pa. Furthermore, that too for i-Banks which are not hiring right now. Whatever else would be a most extreme of Rs 30 lakh pa. And this too, would be raked in by the top 5% of the batch. International salaries appear to be truly high in absolute terms, however do remember to also factor in the PPP index to get a more reasonable view.

4. Be prepared to slog it out:

The MBA will be significantly more hectic than your undergrad. This is genuine irrespective of the college. So be prepared for restless nights, various simultaneous due dates, a couple of disappointments and upsetting times. Also, there will be many people much more intelligent, hardworking than you. So be prepared to confront truly tough competition.

5. If you have time, develop your resume:

Admission is just the beginning. There's a whole trilogy - summer placements, last placements and then finally long-term job satisfaction. For the initial two, you will require a stellar CV with a specific end goal to maximize your chances of landing your dream job. So, use all the time you have now. Pep up your resume. Start reading up about economics and finance. There's actually a thousands of resources - free eBooks, blogs, courses, certifications on the internet.

Things you should remember during the MBA

1. Academics:

Take advantage of what you get during these 2 years. Go to all classes. Read as much as you can. Work smart. MBA Entrance exams are not the ideal measure of ability and intelligence. But, they are the standard and you need to manage it. So game the system. Solve previous years' papers. Know the most significant and oft-asked ideas. Research about the type of questions that are asked for different subjects - case analyses, MCQs, theory, calculation-intensive. Customize your prep plan accordingly.

2. Co-curricular:

Ensure you have a decently diversified resume. Take part in case study competitions, B-plans, paper presentations. The presentation will be a truly extraordinary learning experience.

3. Clubs:

Follow the golden rule: Be part of 3 clubs - one that will help you with the placements, one that is in accordance with your interests and will help you hone your aptitudes, one for fun. Do not over-burden yourself. Know when to state "no" or to leave. People usually take on more duties than they can handle. Try not to do it.

4. Having a fabulous time:

As goes with everything, don't let one part of your life a chance to rule the others. Hang out with friends, go out on unplanned trips, and say yes to that late night movie despite the fact that you are extremely tired. Friends are always great to have. Ensure you have a few to last you over 2 years.

5. The dreaded social media:

When you are a student, it is fine to have an archaic LinkedIn profile or a Facebook feed filled with stupid stuff teens do. However, recruiters these days effectively scourge the online networking profiles of potential applicants. So get it together, particularly before placements. Try not to give something as random as a stupid website a chance to destroy your chances.

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