Jan 27, 2018

10 myths of MBA: True or False?

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Acquiring a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a Top MBA colleges is just comes from hard work and extreme dedication towards MBA. Here are the main 10 myths that I, as a alumni from a Top B school, frequently experience people reciting:



1. Anyone can complete an MBA

Maybe anybody can finish one of the many low poor MBA programs available. To achieve a MBA from a top Business School will mean a lot of extreme hard work and dedication towards MBA. Attaining a reputable MBA is difficult and takes a lot of focus and study.

2. All MBA Schools are Good

If you are looking advance your career, enhance your salary or create yourself then just a small part of MBA programs will be of any use. There are a huge number of MBA programs and business colleges however only few are top recognized by the 'business world'. Top business colleges are ranked highly in reputable MBA rankings and/or are certify by AMBA, EQUIS or AACSB etc.

3. MBA Rankings are not Important

There are both good and bad MBA ranking lists are available. Attaining a top ranking on one of the influential MBA rankings, for example, those produced by The Economist, Financial Times or Businessweek is to a great degree important of an MBA program. People who have achieved a MBA from a top MBA school are generally paid more and get more employment offers than those who have gone to non ranking B schools.

4. An MBA guarantees Career Progression

Having Acquired an MBA from a top Business School absolutely helps with conveying that a specific level of capability and information is conceivable from an MBA graduate. There are no guarantees in any case and career progression, even having attained an MBA, still depends on extreme hard work and being great at your role.

5. An MBA guarantees a high salary

Attaining a good MBA makes accomplishing a high salary more achievable however there are no guarantees. Pretty much as career profession isn't ensured by having a MBA so a high salary isn't guaranteed. The peoples who achieved MBAs from top Business Schools have needed to work hard and settle on the right business choices to accomplish their MBAs. These same abilities are important to accomplish a high salary.

6. Distance/Correspondence MBA Courses are just as good as others

Learning is about experience and hard fact. A great part of MBA programs is learning from others in your class and figuring out how to work in high performance teams. Distance learning and correspondence MBA programs miss this noteworthy part of a MBA course.

7. MBA Programs are expensive

Good MBA programs are costly to go to but the Returns from the good MBA programs is noteworthy and will be far higher than going to a less costly however not as reputable MBA program. An MBA is a major investment and should be dealt with as a venture instead of a cost.

8. Capable business man don't need to do an MBA

Self development is most important to better oneself and employers disapprove of peoples who don't enhance their skills. There are few, assuming any, better methods for creating ones business skills than finishing a MBA program. I haven't met a MBA graduate (from a top Business School) who has not profit by going to a MBA program. Without a doubt, an MBA is not an essential to succeed in business however having a MBA will make the possibility of succeeding a mess better.

9. Experience isn't necessary to attend an MBA Program

Case Studies are used to work through practical examples by the highly respected MBA programs. Without work experience the advantages and contributions of the practical Case Studies get to be invalidated. Having relevant experience, and having the capacity to apply that experience to MBA studies, is fundamental in taking full advantage of MBA programs.

10. An MBA Program teaches all the needs to succeed in business

Wrong! Natural ability is a key and MBA programs don't teach one totally everything. MBA courses concentrate on abilities and skills which might be instructed and which are particular to MBA programs. If for instance, you are a terrible communicator, then finishing a MBA won't as a matter of course improve you any at this fundamental business competency.

Ultimately you should have to go to the best MBA program you are able to go. Finishing an MBA is to a great degree compensating and the rewards will be significant!

Good Luck..!! Keep Studying..!!

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