Apr 30, 2018

European Countries who provides the Most Lucrative Job Offers

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   When pursuing a course, all of us look for something similar- a livelihood. Pursuing a course is something that comes with a lot of tags, and the most important being the financial investment. We need to recover that investment, and we need to recover that fast. Therefore, while studying anywhere in the world, one also needs to consider what salaries, perks and other professional remunerations and perks look like. Therefore, here are some of the highest paying countries in Europe or, the countries with highest salaries

European Countries who provides the Most Lucrative Job Offers


A tiny country in Europe, Luxembourg offers the highest salaries in all of Europe making this the ideal destination for people who want figures in their bank accounts. German and French are also among the most spoken languages here. While unemployment and crime rate are really low, the side effect of being one of the countries with highest salaries is that the cost of living is going to be high, and one must be ready to deal with it. The average annual salary is $60k while the minimum wage is about 11.2 per hour as of 2016. The most common industries here are banking and finance, real estate and construction etc.


The quaint little country in the Alps is renowned for its quietude and the forwardness it offers. It not only offers some of the world’s best universities but secured its position in the highest paying countries as well. German, Italian and French is some of the common languages that are spoken here, therefore, there is no language problem here. The average wages here are $58k while there is no particular minimum wage unlike most countries across the world. Wages are decided based on the job. The most common areas of work here are consumer industries like watches, textiles etc., industries dabbling in Engineering etc.


A wealthy country up north, Norway is a place to look out for for the travelers, adrenaline junkies and people looking to make a better life. One of the reasons Norway made its way into the highest paying countries in Europe is to offset the high cost of living, primarily because they import much of their food. Either way, Norway is still a dainty little country of auroras and great food. The average income here is about $50k while there is no minimum wage just like Switzerland. The most common industries here are Shipping, Fisheries, food processing etc.


Trailing not far behind in the list of countries with highest salaries in Europe is the Netherlands which has served as the home country for several organizations as well as international political organizations. The average income is slightly lesser than Norway, swaying between 49 and 50K a year while the minimum wages are 9.6 an hour as of 2016. The most common industries here are Agro-industries, metal and engineering industries etc.


One of the most energy-efficient countries in European Union, Denmark made the list of top 10 countries with highest salaries in 2016 as well as 2017 with an average annual income of 49k. The most industries here are Iron and steel, Chemicals, food processing etc.   

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