Feb 1, 2018

Top 10 Tips to Crack GATE 2018

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Tip 1: Choose the most appropriate discipline in which you have a good knowledge. Follow the standard book and do a pilot study of the book first and then memorize them.

Tip 2: Understand the concepts of the syllabus, and focus on the discipline or area that you are specialized in.

Tip 3: It is not compulsory to cover-up all the areas of the syllabus. The GATE syllabus (subjects) has different mark strategies. Analyze which question has more weightage and give more importance to it.

Tip 4: Practice the aptitude questions regularly because GATE exam is known for numerical.

Tip 5: Create a timetable and follow them strictly. Allocate time for every subjects separately. Cover up the whole subject first and then move to next / another subject.

Tip 6: Solve the previous year question papers and revise it timely. Take notes regularly and go-through it before test series.

Tip 7: Do not answer any question by guess as there will be a negative marking. Better leave the question if you’re not sure about the answer.

Tip 8: Make your own strategy, practice mock tests which gives more confidence while writing the exam.

Tip 9: Finish a detailed studying of all the topics you plan to cover before a month.

Tip 10: Relax before the exam. Do not strain yourself till the last minute.

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