Mar 30, 2016

A Complete Guide for Engineering

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A Complete Guide for Engineering

as far as the definition of the engineering is concerned, it can be defined as an intellectual art of creating or manufacturing systems, processes and structures. since engineering is so broad therefore it is very hard to define engineering in a single definition. engineering has many spheres and every sphere has many verticals and diagonals. today, engineering has become very advanced and with the age of automated computer systems and the world wide web, engineering has become more sophisticated and accurate. the level of engineering is certainly very extensive and extremely deep, for example, there is engineering involved in manufacturing of a paper pin and similarly engineering is involved in the manufacturing of a space shuttle or an aircraft. today, everywhere around you, you find engineering in some way or the other. you use so many products in a day because of engineering, be it your toothbrush, a pen, computer or a mobile phone or even the house in which you live or the office where you work, everything exists because of the engineering. to sum up briefly, every invention that mankind has made has some sort of engineering involved in it, be it the cart wheel, steam engine, telephone, typewriter or computers.

how to be an engineer?

becoming engineer has been the dream of so many students all over the world, but there are only a few who are able to realise their dream successfully. it takes really a tough path for anyone wanting to be a successful engineer, especially in the current scenario when competition is intense. to be an engineer, one requires a degree or a diploma in one of the subjects of engineering. though, today it is must to have a degree in engineering from elite or a reputed institute or a university. the engineering diploma is now obsolete considering the demand of the expertise and skills required for becoming an engineer.

the beginning of becoming an engineering goes back to your school level after completing your high school. to become an engineer student has to select the core engineering subjects in their senior secondary levels that is 10+1 and 10+2 standards. the core engineering subjects are mathematics, chemistry and physics. engineering is not all about maths, since most of the engineering streams physics and chemistry are also an important subject to learn like chemical engineering or aerospace engineering.

graduate level engineering

the first major journey to become an engineer starts at the graduate level. every candidate who has passed 10+2 with the core engineering subject is entitled to have admission in any engineering college that conducts graduate entry level engineering programs that is the bachelor’s degree in engineering. in different countries the graduate level engineering course is known by different names. in order to get admission in any leading institute or a university candidates has to score good percentage in their 10+2 examination and also have to clear a tough entrance exam conducted by the institutes to get the admission.

masters level engineering

after completing the graduation level, one has to enrol for the master’s degree to learn advance engineering. the master level courses in india are conducted by the iit’s (indian institute of technology) and nit’s (national institute of technology) and several other autonomous universities. after completing the master level engineering programs, there opens up the new doors of horizons for the candidates and they began their journey to becoming a great engineer. during both the graduate level and the master’s level, the candidates need to put more stress on improving their analytical skills, since it is the core of engineering. it doesn’t matter whether you select it engineering, mechanical engineering or a civil engineering, but analytical skills are always required in every stream to become a successful engineer.

popular careers in engineering

engineering is an advance field and it has been divided into various streams and verticals. from product level to service level and from a material level to the artificial intelligence engineering is used. becoming an engineer might be easy for someone, but becoming what kind of engineer is a big deal. it all depends on one’s personal interest and abilities to make a career in any particular engineering stream. engineering is really a vast sector and therefore before picking up an engineering degree in a particular stream, it is important for the candidate to know about different streams of engineering, career path and salary packages to make a wise decision.

here are some of the popular engineering careers:

information technology engineer: information technology is by far the most popular engineering streams today among the fresh engineering graduates. today, 80% of the engineering graduates opt for making their career in the information technology and its parallel streams. today, the world is driven by the computer systems and the internet and there are many companies like goggle, facebook that looks for sharp engineering brains to invent new technologies and make their machine environment more user friendly. there is also a huge demand of the engineers in the core it programming jobs like oracle, java etc and networking. the information technology is also currently been the highest paid sector for engineering graduates where the average salaries globally reached by 25 lacs per annum, while the highest salary could gross over a crore indian rupee per annum and the minimum salaries would be around 10 lacs per annum for fresh it graduates.

petroleum and oil /gas production engineer: talking about the emoluments, petroleum engineering is the second best sector after the it engineering that offer lucrative pay packages for fresh engineering graduates. though, unlike in the information technology in the petroleum engineering, students are not lucky to get the direct recruitments at the entry level because of the nature of this sector. students who want to become a petroleum engineer have to work as an intern with any petroleum company to get the first hand job experience. first, they had to have a master’s degree in petroleum and natural gas production from any reputed institute in india and then have to work as intern for many years till get a good final job offer. there is an abundance of job opportunities exist in this sector worldwide and average salary in this sector in indian rupees are around 20 lacs per annum, highest is around  80 lacs per annum and the starting salary would be around 8 lacs per annum for the interns.

aeronautical and space engineer: today, you often heard about the news related to the launch of a new space mission or a space craft being sent to the international space station orbiting the earth. the aerospace and aeronautical engineering involves something that no common man would be able to witness or do in this world. as more space exploration campaigns has been launched every year to find the existence of human life in the space and beyond, this sector involves a great opportunity to see the earth from space by becoming an astronaut. earlier there was only nasa that conducts major space exploration missions, but now there were many other countries conducting their independent space exploration programs in alliance with nasa and other space agencies. the aeronautical engineering is quite a demanding job and one has to be well versed in analytical skills with great amount of knowledge in aerospace technologies and systems. minimum sal – 10 lacs per annum (intern), avg. sal – 20 lacs/annum and the highest salary is around 70 lacs/annum.

atomic and nuclear engineer: today, there is the scarcity of the natural and organic resources that generates power, therefore we need an alternate source of energy to generate power and there is nothing better than the atomic power or nuclear power. most of the countries are exclusively working on nuclear projects to produce nuclear energy to fulfill the growing demand of power and electricity. the demand of the atomic and nuclear engineers is always on high in this sector. despite the sanctions from the un and major countries, many countries are still working on producing the armed nuclear weapons to strengthen their defense forces.  there is a great piece of opportunity exist for the people who really want to do something very different and interesting. here in this sector, the lowest salary is around 5 lacs/annum, average salary is around 20 lacs/annum and the highest salary is around 75 lacs/annum

production engineer: world is moving very fast, and the population is also increasing through a rapid rate, therefore it becomes quite important to increase the production to fulfill various daily needs of humans. the production engineering is the great sector to work with for the engineers who really have some sharp brains and creative heads, because this sector demands highly intellectual skills and out of the box thinking. the production engineering can be segregated into various parts like automobile production, material production, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, goods production, textile production, industrial goods productions and many more. average salary in this sector is around 15-20 lacs/annum, while the highest could be more than 50 lacs/annum and lowest would be around 5 lacs/annum for the fresh graduates.

chemical engineer & bio technology engineer:  chemical engineering is one of the best sectors to work for the people who have a deep interest and understanding of various chemical compounds and their processes. the chemical engineering is highly used in the medical research and pharmaceutical sectors. every day, medical institutes spent millions of dollars on chemical research to produce new drugs and medicines for various diseases and human disorders. similarly bio technology is in high demand considering the future needs with the limited resources of fuel available. the organic and bio waste engineers help producing the new systems and process utilizing the bio waste, thus helping to make our planet a better place to live. the average salary in these sectors could be around 15-20 lacs/annum, while the highest would be around 50 lacs/annum and lowest will be around 4-5 lacs/annum fro fresher’s.

human science and artificial intelligence engineer:  the one thing that will surely rule the world in the future is the artificial intelligence. we are in the age of computers and technology and now you don’t need to depend on any other human for any work, the technology will work for you. artificial intelligence is something that creates a virtual environment using the brain mapping technology that inducts calculative human behavior and human thinking. human science is all about the integration of the human concepts in the technology to improve our standard of living and make life much easier. there is an abundance of opportunities exists in this sector. the average salaries in this sector for fresh graduates are around 20-25 lacs/annum, while the highest is around 80 lacs/annum and lowest would be around 15 lacs/annum.

environmental engineer: today one of the prime agenda of the world leaders is to discuss about the impact of global warming. almost every day there were some seminars or conferences organized in some part of the world to minimize the effects of global warming. the climate of earth has changed drastically in last 50 years and it’s time to take a swift action today to make this planet better for future generations. the main concern of an environmental engineer is to find the ways to reduce the carbon emissions from industries and automobiles and similarly explore new technologies and new ideas to use recycling and green technology to reduce the atmospheric debris hence provide clean and green environment to live.

civil engineer: there would be no doubt in saying that civil engineering is the mother of all engineering streams, because it is the oldest form of engineering ever discovered by mankind way before the ancient roman ear and the british colonial era. today what you see in europe and england some magnificent museums and heritage buildings or be it the great wall of china, the eiffel tower or the great “taj mahal” of india is all are the examples of the classic civil engineering. the modern examples of the civil engineering are the ‘burj khalifa” in dubai, longest sky scrapper in the world, “the palm island in dubai, petronas twin towers in malaysia and the empire state building in new york. the civil construction is known in history books for shaping this world otherwise this world would be nothing more than a barron land of dessert, mountains and water. if you also have some highly creative ideas and rational thinking then this is the place where you should be and give a concrete shape to your thinking and idea by creating wonderful structures.

electrical engineer electrical engineering is the second most popular stream of engineering in the colleges that students opt for getting a good job. this is a wide and diversified stream that involves deep knowledge of the working of various electrical systems and automated electric programs. the electrical engineering requires understanding of the basic concept of electricity transformation and power management. there is a huge demand of the electrical engineering in the various power plants and power grids all over the world. people who want to make their career in the government units have a great opportunity in the electrical sector. the average salary in this sector is close to around 15-20 lacs/annum, whole the highest salary would be around 50 lacs/annum and lowest salary would be around 3.5 lacs/annum for the fresher’s.

telecom engineer: telecom sector is growing fast as the number of people using the smart phones is increasing every day. today the majority of telecom operators is using heavy transformation systems and process to provide entry mobile connectivity and data services to the users. this sector is a great sector to start a dynamic career and has great scope for growth in the future. the average salary in the telecom sector is around 15 lacs/annum, while the highest perk would be around 45-50 lacs/annum and lowest perk would be around 5lacs/annum in india.

marine engineer:  marine engineering is one of the youngest and advanced arms of engineering. marine engineering is also separated into two verticals, the naval marine engineering and the civil marine engineering where the naval marine engineer works exclusively on building the warships and submarines for the navy, while the civil marine engineer works in building huge and heavy vassal ships and cargo ships for transporting heavy payloads and goods through the ocean. the highest salary in this sector for fresher would be around 40-50 lacs/annum, while the lowest is around 6-7 lacs/annum and the average salary are around 15 lacs/annum.

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