Aug 25, 2015

Why Choose Journalism?

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Why Choose Journalism?

Pen is mightier than the sword. Even today, the younger peer group is engrossed in journalism. Every day, there are several events trendy across the world — political , cultural, religious, educational, social and natural events, etc. We come to know about these events sitting in our houses. How is that possible? Through mass communication, providing information to a large crowd at the same time. But, for this, someone has to collect the information as well as present it. This is the main purpose of journalism. Journalism includes investigating, analyzing and reporting local as well as world events, trends, current affairs, and so on.


Journalism courses are offered at graduation and post-graduation levels. To become a journalist, one can complete a Bachelor's in mass communication/ mass media/journalism after +2. After completion in a related graduation field, one may complete a Master's in journalism or mass communication. A graduate (who has a flair for writing) from any other field can also select for a postgraduate course in journalism.


Intrusive and inspective mind Attentiveness Adaptive and accepting of changing and difficult situations Good communication skills also, command over language , confidence, enthusiasm, patience and persistence, the capacity to discriminate between fact and fiction, adhering to deadlines, team cohesiveness, sensitivity to different views and lifestyles, in-depth knowledge about various fields such as politics, culture, religion, social and current affairs. The most important fact is that people generally feel that journalism is all about writing. It is. However, it is also about reading and most importantly, the ability to express one's thoughts on varied topics. Journalism is for people who are ready to explore various opportunities 24/7, without the constrictions of cultural upbringing, gender, and are also ready to go beyond geographical boundaries.


There are different categories in which the media industry can be divided — print and electronic. As the name suggests, everything that is printed comes under print media, which includes newspapers, magazines, journals, tabloids, dailies and books. On the other hand, electronic media includes content on television, radio and the internet. With changes in the society, even this field has undergone a radical change. A journalist has to cover stories/features on various aspects of life i.e. political, financial, leisure, crime, sports, entertainment, spiritual, educational, infrastructure, technological, medical, and so on. Not to forget, along with the newspapers, there has been an increase in the number of magazines too. Specialized magazines are available in the field of fashion, beauty, family, for youth, travel, medical, technological, lifestyle, education, sports, etc. They can be in many languages. Some of the work opportunities are in the areas of advertising agencies; educational institutes , magazines, newspapers, portals/websites of publications , publishing houses, radio channels as well as television channels. While there are opportunities in this field, it is a competitive field. Therefore, one has to perform at the highest level and be able to work under difficult situations. However, if one continues with hard work and passion, a career in journalism can be a gratifying and beneficial option.

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