Feb 9, 2018

Top Ten Most Popular courses to Study in 2018

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Every student is confused about its career path and start taking suggestions from the seniors. Picking up the right degree from the right university and college is a challenging task. The best degree will provide the salary potential and job satisfaction which in turn a brave decision.

Top Ten Most Popular courses to Study in 2018


Digital Marketing Course - shaping strategy for client

The digital marketing training is unique and focus on marketing fundamentals and concepts which pursue more on brands, market prospects and sales. There has been around 15668 vacancies available drawing the salary from Rs.22,000/- to Rs.48,000/-. Visit Digital Marketing Course.

Engineering – become a skilled technologist and build better, safer products

The students are more towards engineering as it becomes one mode of the attitude and leading degree with all. The desire of the professional engineers is increasing day by day. Engineers are famous for the development for new products. There has been around 114533 vacancies available for different sector of engineering earning a rich salary from Rs.09,000/- to Rs.60,000/-. To find the more college details visit Engineering Colleges in India

Computer Science –translate machine codes and unravel web puzzles

In every sector the day to day work is not possible without computer. The requirement in this field is increasing and in the digital world studying computer provides every point with a practical skills. There has been around 31296 vacancies available for the different career sector drawing the salary from Rs.12,000/- to Rs.67,000/-. To find the more college details visit Computer science Colleges in India.

Design or Creative Designing – make the perfect transition from sketches to appealing images

The focus of eye attraction and it’s the skill to be blessed with natural talent. Designers are introduced with designing of products, their services and environments. There are many countries such as Japan, Singapore and South Korea where there are no designing schools.

There has been around 131313 vacancies available for the different career sector drawing the salary from Rs.30,000/- to Rs.35,000/-. To find the more college details visit Design Colleges in India

Fashion – be the expert on what’s hot and what’s not

A great fashion designer use its creative and technical skills with constructing original products and sketching and create the latest or upcoming trends on the clothes, jewelers and other accessories. Having strong communication with a knowledge of textile sewing and construction associates collaboration skills. Now designing is easy through different computer aided applications.

There has been around 4885 vacancies available for the different career sector drawing the salary from Rs.15,000/- to Rs.45,000/-. To find the more college details visit Fashion Colleges in India

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Top Scholarship

MA (H) Development Studies

MA (H) Development Studies

The University offers full and partial fee waivers to students who are in need of support given their economic backgrounds.

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The Chevron Canada Resources Scholarship in Geology and Geophysics

The Chevron Canada Resources Scholarship in Geology and Geophysics

Scholarship Provided by:
Organizations: Chevron Canada
Universities Memorial University of Newfoundland


Scholarship Details:
Eligible Provinces: Newfoundland
Web Contact Information: · http://www.mun.ca/regoff/calendar/sectionNo=SCHO-0456
· http://www.mun.ca/scholarships/scholarships/currentscholar.php


General Scholarship Requirements:
Additional Requirements: in course, departmental recommendation


University Scholarship Requirements:
Universities Memorial University of Newfoundland
Faculty/Division Faculty of Science
Department/School Department of Earth Sciences
Major/Degree Geophysics, Geology


Type of Student Scholarship Requirements:
Level of Education Undergraduate Year 3, Undergraduate Year 4


Achievement and Ability Scholarship Requirements:
Academic Achievement: Excellent Grades


Personal Affiliation Scholarship Requirements:
High Schools Attended: Any Newfoundland and Labrador high school

University name: Memorial University of Newfoundland 

Source: http://www.canadian-universities.net/Scholarships/C/Chevron-Canada-Resources-Scholarship-in-Geology-and-Geophysics.html

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National Scholarship Programme (NSP)

National Scholarship Programme (NSP)

  • The National Scholarship Programme was a government initiative which applied to new students entering an undergraduate course in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15. The scheme has now ended and is not available for students entering higher education in 2015-16 and beyond.
  • The NSP provided financial help to students entering higher education for the first time who were studying in England. 
  • The programme was designed to help students whose family income was £25,000 or less. However, having this level of income did not guarantee an award.

University Name: Stockport College 

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