Dec 20, 2016

Why There is Huge Gap in IIM Call Cutoff and Eligibility Cutoff?

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In the wake of experiencing the admission criteria declared by different IIMs, you may feel hopeful about your opportunity to get selected or if nothing else get an interview call from your dream management institutes. But, there is a stark distinction between IIM Call Cutoff and Eligibility cutoff. Have you ever asked why there are huge gaps between the two cutoff's for majority IIMs. Here you can found the elements behind the gaps that exist between the actual interview call and the official shortlist cutoff of CAT at IIMs.

While MBA candidates celebrate the way that IIM Ahmedabad overall cutoff for General category applicants is near to 80 percentile and the sectional cutoffs are 70 percentile (Logical Reasoning  and Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation and) and 75 percentile (Verbal and Reading Comprehension), the reality is quite different. The interview cutoff for the General category applicants at IIM Ahmedabad stays over 98.5 percentile. In 2016, it was 98.75 percentile.


Why there are huge gaps?

The gap exists because that the eligibility cutoff declared by an IIM is the minimum CAT percentile candidates are required to secure for getting into the list of applicants who can be considered for next phase of selection process including GD, PI and WAT.

The actual call cutoff, however, relies on upon the number of candidates available from top. Along with these for IIM Ahmedabad, which may call 600-1000 general category candidates (by and large three circumstances the seat limit), it gets the desired numbers inside 98 to 100 percentile. This because, within the main 2 percentile, it might get as much as 4,000 applicants in a scenario where number of test takers is close to 2 lakh.

Thus, you should understand that the CAT cutoff percentile declare by IIMs is the eligibility criteria or the minimum percentile a candidate needs to secure so as to be eligible for getting shortlisted.


How number of test takers and IIM intake influence cutoff?

A percentile is measured on the basis of how much percentage of candidates are appeared in cat exam. For example, 90 percentile alludes to the value below which 90% for each of the CAT exam takers would fall. Hence, CAT test takers securing 90%ile or above refers to the main 10% for the test takers. So, if the total number of actual test takers is near 2 lakh, approximately 20,000 applicants (One per cent) would go under the percentile scope of 99 to 100.

IIMs, generally, shortlist three times the number of seats for the next level of selection process. For the next academic year 2016-18, the total number of seats in top 20 IIMs is around 4000, which implies the total number of shortlisted candidates would be 12,000. Out of this, the number of General category candidates to be shortlisted will be 50%, which are almost 6,000. Presently, in the event that we consider the case of IIM Ahmedabad, there are total around 400 seats, with around 200 seats for general category applicants, the number of shortlist in general category would be around 600.

This means, being the top institutes within IIMs system, IIM-A could get the desired number of applicants inside the scope of 99.5 – 100 percentiles. But, since the applicant profile is also considered while Shortlisting candidates, the Shortlisting cutoff percentile at last settles in the scope of 98 to 100 percentile. Thus, it is very clear that the possibility to be at last shortlisted belong with the top percentile section of 98 to 100 and not within the 90 percentile as specified in the IIM admission criteria.

For the top IIMs, which are prominently and collectively referred as BLACKIS (B – Bangalore, L – Lucknow, C – Calcutta, K – Kozhikode, I – Indore, S – Shillong) by the MBA candidates, the combined admission is around 2600, which is roughly 50% of the quantity of competitors falling inside main three percentile sections (97 to 100 percentile). So you can understand why the actual meeting call cutoff of the top IIMs go from 97 to 100 percentile.

Academics and work experience - Other factors which influence shortlist cutoff

Top IIMs–BLACKIS, consider different factors like past academic records, work experience, academic and sexual orientation differences and general competitor profile for making the final shortlist offer. They figure out a scaled score or percentile based on the above mentioned factors. With a specific end goal to equate the scores in every single parameter, IIMs may need to go down several percentiles, say 97 percentile. The actual meeting call cutoff is the summit of these factors.

In the meantime, securing over 99 percentile is not generally a benchmark for appearing in IIM interview rounds as the composite score for Shortlisting relies on different factors. For the final selection also IIMs figure out the composite scores as far as execution in CAT, WAT and PI and applicant profile.

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