Why study in Canada?

Why study in Canada

Studying abroad, however lucrative, is a difficult decision to make for various reasons. A lot of aspects weigh in to the decision in order to help you decide where you want to study. Quality of education in a country, the atmosphere, and potential costs are some of the aspects that need to be considered before finalizing the country of your choice. When it comes to education, there are various countries to be considered, here let us see what Canada in particular has to offer.

Academic stature:

Canada is renowned for its quality of education and is considered to be a benchmark. A good education is synonymous with a renowned certification. Any degree, certificate or a diploma issued in this country stands neck to neck with the qualifications presented by the United States of America(USA) and other leading countries. Study in Canada can be a great start to your career and you can use the network that you create here, in your life ahead.

Affordable education

As mentioned earlier, Canadian academic standards are among the highest in world. One of the reasons for this is the Canadian education policies. Education in Canada is accessible irrespective to the financial background of the students and that is what makes the difference. Canada has some of the lowest college fees and tuition, which is the prominent reason behind a major chunk of students immigrating to Canada. In addition to the affordable opportunities, there are various scholarships available for international students to pursue education in Canada.

Joy of living:

Joy of living in canada

Canada boasts of diverse cultures and is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. Canada offers you the opportunity to interact with peers and locals from various backgrounds and learn from them. There are various community activities that you can partake in and enjoy the melting pot of cultures that Canada is.

Canadians are known for their gracious nature. The moment you introduce yourself to them, they will make sure that you feel at home. The United Nations have consistently ranked Canada as one of the safest places to live in the world. Apart from that, individual freedom is one of the virtues that Canadians believe in and hence are very respectful of each other.

English Language:

Several Universities in Canada offer top-notch language training. The training promises to improve your command on languages such as French, English, and German. By the time you graduate, you will find yourself to be a fluent multilingual honing linguistic skill that you have always wanted. Canada employs multiple languages as its official language due to the diversity of its citizens. But among these, English is the predominant language for Canadians.

General Life as a student in Canada:

General Life as a student in Canada

Canada’s campuses have no scarcity of sophisticated technology and other modern amenities. Olympic level sports facilities, concert halls, art galleries, and literary hubs are available aplenty and are accessible to the students. The availability of these amenities proves to be a value addition in the student life. In addition, you also get a chance to meet new people and learn new things which sounds simple but in reality, it is a priceless experience.

A refined research venture:

Owing to the importance Canadian’s give to research, the students studying there get enough research opportunities to learn and advance in their careers. Research opportunities in Canada are steadily growing which makes Canada a great place to start your research.

Working while Studying in Canada:

Most countries today have very strict residency policies due to the growing number of immigrants. However, Canada is a very welcoming country and believes that legal immigration is beneficial to both the immigrants as well as the country. Therefore, if you plan on settling down in the country of your choice, Canada is a great option.  

Continue working after graduation in Canada:

Working in Canada

The students graduating from canada university have a fat chance to land a job in no time. A survey reveals that 90% of Canadian grads bag a job within six months after their graduation.  Due to this high a rate of employment, more and more companies are now flocking to Canadian universities and the employment rate keeps going higher. With an abundance of placement opportunities, Canada is a lucrative and glamorous option to opt for your studies.

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