Dec 26, 2018

How to Get a US Student Visa in 2019

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1. Get an Acceptance Letter from Universities in USA

The first step to apply for a student Visa in USA is to get an Admission at a US University. You are required to have an acceptance letter from a University in USA to apply for Student Visa:

How to Get a US Student Visa in 2019

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  2. Stanford University

  3. Harvard University

  4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

  5. University of Chicago

2. Find Out the US Visa Types You will need

There are three types of US visa there:

  • F1 Visa: Student Visa USA. Valid for English taught study programs and the visa is valid for the duration of the study program.

  • J1 Visa: J1 visa is for exchange students

  • M1 Visa: for non-academic, technical and vocational studies.

The F1 is the most common student visa in USA. A non US citizen willing to study in a college or University in USA will require F1 visa to study in USA.

3. US Visa Rules and Conditions

  • Student must have a place to stay – r residence in the home country, where they can return to after the completion of the study.

  • The student must be enrolled in an SEVP approved college or University, through which the student Visa in USA is granted.

  • Student should be able to prove the sufficient funds to sustain himself financially during his study in USA.

  • Surprisingly, English language proficiency is not a requirement for study visa in USA, but the University you have applied to, might require English Language proficiency.

  • The student will have to prove strong ties to home country, and the intent to come back to his or her home country after the study.

  • Depending on the country you are applying to, you will need additional documents to apply for US Visa.

4. US Visa Document Requirements

  • For F1 Visa, an acceptance letter from the University as mentioned, form I-20.

  • US visa fees to be paid at the embassy is 160 USD. A proof of the paid application fees is required for US Visa.

  • You need to apply for the form DS 160 and bring it to the interview.

  • A valid passport, which is valid for at least six months after the intent of the stay in the USA.

  • Proof of bank statements and finances to support yourself during the studies.

  • Passport Photographs

  • Academic certificates, transcripts, mark sheets and diplomas.

5. US Visa Interview

The interview is integral part of F1 visa interview to study in USA. Bring all the documents necessary to the interview.

Your passport will be taken, and you will be informed once the procedure is over. It will be returned to you. You will be asked questions on your decision to study in USA.

These are the possible discussion, on which the questions will be based on.

  • Why do you want to study in USA?

  • About your academic scores and the University you have applied to.

  • About your intent to come back to your home country after the study in USA is completed.

Financial proofs and statements.

Interview will decide if you will be F1 visa or not. You need to convince the visa officials that you have an intent to study in USA and willing to come back to your home country after that.

6. Allowances and Restrictions on US Visa

  • You are allowed to stay in USA as long as you are a student, and your study program is going on.

  • You are allowed to stay for 60 days after your study in USA is over and you have F1 visa.

  • You are allowed to work and study in USA only on campus for part time hours.

  • You are allowed to arrive in the USA, before 30 days of the beginning of your program.

To be on the F1 Visa, you must continue the studies, maintain passing marks, if you are unable to complete your studies for some reason, and need an extension to complete study in USA, you are needed to request for an extension.

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