Home to world-leading education, USA has been a dream to a number of International students long before they decide what to study. Such is the prestige of the universities in USA, and the opportunities that come with studying in the USA, it is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations ever. However, the cost of Study in USA can make or break the decision, as it is not affordable to many students. Let us understand what are the costs to begin with, and how you can reduce them to make the most out of your study abroad in USA:

Here's How You Can Reduce Cost of Study in USA in 3 Easy Ways

Cost of Study in USA:

US University Fees for International Students:

The important thing to know here is, that the tuition fees for the universities in USA for international students are different than the domestic students. For the state-run colleges, the fees for international students averages at 26300$, where the local students would pay only around $10000. For two-year public college has an average tuition fee of 3660$ a year, whereas a four-year public college cost around 26300$ a year. The private colleges are a little more expensive than public institutions, and they can go as high as 35900$ per year. If you are on a budget, here are some of the most affordable universities:

Universities in USA with Low Tuition Fees for International Students:

Cost of Living in USA for Students:

Along with the tuition fees, there are living expenses too. The cost of living in USA depends largely on the location of your stay. For example, more urban, coastal cities and states have a higher cost of living than the inland USA. However, that is not always true either. The metropolitan cities cost higher than the sub-urban localities. The average cost of living for international students in USA can range from 6000$ to 10000$ depending on the place you decide to stay.

For both tuition fees and cost of living in USA, read: Cost of Living and Studying in USA for International Students

Now that you have an idea of what is waiting for you in USA, here are some of the ways you can reduce your costs while studying in USA:

1. Advanced Placement Exams & Credit Transfers:

For most of the subjects you will study in freshman and sophomore years, you can apply for AP exams while you are in your home country, most probably when you are in your +2. Not only that, the credits from that AP exams can be transferred to your course in USA. This will save you both time and money, as you will not have to appear for the same subjects and exams ahead. However, it is very important to ask the university you are applying to, if the credits are at all transferable. Students can save as much as 4000$ for a course, by taking the AP Exams.

2. Scholarships to Study in USA:

This might be obvious, but a number of students just avoid it thinking that they would not be eligible for one. There are two types of Scholarships available to international students: merit-based and need-based. The scholarships are offered by universities and government both. The scholarships either waive your tuition fees, or they come by means of financial aid. Scholarships are also not limited to tuition fees. Some of them help students with living costs, travel, and health insurance, too. Here is the list of Scholarships available, and how to get a scholarship to study abroad in USA: Scholarships in USA for International Students 2019-2020

3. Other ways to Help Yourself with Cost of Study in USA:

a) Assisting at the Universities:

The best way to earn some money on campus, is being a teaching or research assistant. These parts can earn you up to 4000$ a course. You can be a teaching assistant for 2 to 3 courses and pick one topic of your interest in assisting for Research.

b) Work While Studying:

After a year of study in USA, students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week in the field of study. Working while studying is one of the best ways to support yourself. It helps you with your tuition fees, and can help you with day to day expenses.

c) See where you can cut down:

Rent books from the libraries, cook your own food rather than eating out, and live a slightly down-scaled lifestyle. As we mentioned, the cost of living largely depends on the place you decide to stay in. Be smart about your finances, and by setting small goals and little modifications, you can save big.

These are some of the ways to cut down the expenses, and study in one of the most preferred destinations without hurting your pockets. For more information on the costs of studying abroad, you can read: Cost of Studying Abroad for International Students in 2019-20

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