There are only a few examinations in the world that can measure the person’s ability to speak English. Being fluent in the English language is one of the most important requirements of the different universities and colleges all over the world.

This is the reason why TOEFL is one of the most important examinations in the world. There are many universities and colleges all over the world that accept the scores of TOEFL.

So, if you are looking for an admission to some specific institutions, there are chances that you might have to go through the examination and get good grades to get an admission. So, wouldn’t it be a great idea if you had information about the upcoming test pattern of TOEFL examination?

Well, it would certainly provide you with some pieces of information which you can use to get better grades. So, are you all set? Let’s get on with the article then.

Knowing About The TOEFL Examination 2018

The TOEFL is one of the renowned examinations that are held for the ETS to assess the ability of a particular person who is a non-native English speaker and his ability to speak, read, and writes the English language. The exam is governed by the Educational Testing Service and is known for providing a set of questions for the evaluation of a candidate.

Basically, there are four different sections in the paper for TOEFL. The sections include writing, reading, speaking, and listening questions. These sections are divided to make sure that the candidate is examined on every single aspect of the English language.

The total duration of the examination is about 4 and a half hour. The students take the tests for the designated time period and they are given marks on the basis of their performance. Apart from these sections, the candidates are also asked to solve certain integrated problems and tasks that are the combination of the skills.

Most of the time students are asked to read, listen and speak in the response to the provided questions. In other cases, the other tasks are integrated as well. There are several mock tests as well to give the candidates an idea about the question patterns that come in the examination. The total marks of the test are 120 and it is divided into the 4 sections with 30 marks each.

The students who take the tests are provided with the individual scores for the TOEFL 2018 and the overall result along with that. The TOEFL examination is mostly taken by the students from India, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.

How It Works

The Listening and Reading tests happen together and there is a 10-minute break after that for the candidates. Also, the TOEFL 2018 exam pattern includes the addition of several new accents for the Speaking and Listening tests, making it an even more difficult examination.

Countries such as Australia, UK, Canada, and others are the main regions that accept the students with a TOEFL score. So, now that you know all about the test pattern, hope you are all ready to take on the exam.

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