A very common parameter that international students often have in their mind is the cost of studying abroad. Now, a straightforward answer to that is to look for the courses and universities, the tuition fees and the cost of living and visa conditions for the county you want to study abroad in. However, the cost of studying abroad is a subjective, and constantly keeps changing to a point that an exact amount is impossible to presume. Here, we have tried to give you a general idea of the costs of studying abroad, and what are the factors affecting them. If you haven’t still decided on the country, it will help you in deciding which country is the best to study abroad, considering the costs.

Best Places to Study Abroad

Everyone who thinks about studying abroad has this dilemma of choosing the country first. It needs to be a balanced decision based on what you require out of your studying abroad. If Quality of the Education is where you do not want to compromise, then look for the countries with the most sophisticated universities, Ivy Leagues and other Research group of universities in the world. If staying back in the country is your priority, choose your destination accordingly. Keep in mind that more money would not always mean good quality. There are top ranked universities in Germany which are completely tuition free.

Coming back to best places to study abroad, here is our list and detailed analysis of the countries, to study abroad: 10 Best Countries to Study Abroad in 2019 - 2020

Average Cost of Studying Abroad

As we have mentioned, it is tricky to reach to one figure that would exactly predict the amount of money you should be having to study abroad. If we take out all the factors and just look at the numbers and statistics, the average amount of studying abroad all over the world, according to IIE (International Institute of Education) the average cost of studying abroad is 18000$ a semester. However, the numbers are just an average and highly misleading. In some of the cheapest countries, it would be not as high. Whereas at a private US Universities, the number can be double or more. It depends on the country, course and the type of universities you are studying in. Here is the list of countries, and the average cost of studying abroad:


Average Cost of Studying (yearly)

Average Cost of Living (yearly)


$6,000 - $40,000

$10,000 - $15,000

United Kingdom

£4,000 - £21,000

£9,000 - $12,000


CAD 2,000 - CAD 16,000

CAD 15,000 - CAD 20,000


AUD 9,000 - AUD 18,000

AUD 18,000 - AUD 20,000


€1500 - €6000

€8760 - €16500


Again, we cannot stress enough how the fees and expenses will vary with the courses, universities, and the lifestyle. These are just the numbers to give a vague idea about the country.

Cost of Studying Abroad for Indian Students

Now, it is not as simple to just convert the currency in the INR and start packing for studying abroad. There are multiple factors which makes the cost of studying abroad for Indian students different than the global average. Here are top countries and the average costs for studying abroad for Indian students. For Example, the Visa requirements for Canada state the funds of CAD 10000, but the total cost of study in Canada vary largely for the different students.

The Fees and the cost of livings are for one year. The cost of living is a requirement by the embassy of the country, and the average cost of living in the country maybe higher than that.


Average Cost of Studying

Average Cost of Living

(As per Visa Requirements)


$21525 - $43050

$12900 - $14350

United Kingdom

£9000 - £20345

£14900 in London

£12350 outside London


CAD 15400 - CAD 38500

CAD 13000 - CAD 15000


AUD 20900 - AUD 37500

AUD 21530


€0 - €20000



Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

What are some of the most affordable countries in the world for the international students? Here is the list of some of the most affordable study abroad destinations around the world. However, in the process, we have kept the quality of the education in the consideration, and have picked the best of the countries which provide the education of the international standards, and at the same time, are some of the most affordable providers of the education.

These are the most affordable countries in the world to study abroad:

Study Abroad in Norway:

The Public Universities in Norway are absolutely free, barring some of the specialized courses. Both EU and non-EU students can study in Norway for Free. Norway has four of its universities featuring in the Top Universities of the world. The country is also one of the happiest places to live on the planet.


Germany is well known for its public universities being tuition free. Just like Norway, they are also free for both the EU and Non-EU students. There are nominal fees for the each semester however. Adding to all of these, the cost of living in Germany is also less for Germany compared to many European countries.


For the quality of Education France provides, the tuition fees feel like a bargain. Though France is known for expensive living costs, that is a false notion as when you move out and away from the Paris, the France provides many affordable options for the living expenses, too. The tuition fees are less than many English Speaking countries, and France itself offers a number of English taught programs.

Study in Italy

The country is home to one of the world’s oldest university, University of Bologna, founded back in 1088. The country has third largest economy in Europe, and it is home to 30 of the world’s top universities. Just like France and Poland, it has some of the most affordable universities, with the most affordable university fees starting at 1800 euros per year. Even at the top ranked universities, the fees are in the range of 3500 to 6000 euros a year.


Poland is arguably the most affordable study abroad destination in Europe. It is terribly underrated, and should be recognized more for the quality of the education it provides and the opportunities that comes with it. The economy is eighth largest in the world. There are also some provisions to study in Poland without appearing for the English tests, if your previous education was in English Language.

Cheapest Universities in Europe for International Students:

As we can see above, some of the most affordable study abroad destinations with education of international standards are all from Europe. Compared to English Speaking countries like USA, Canada and Australia, the continent has many universities, with English taught programs, and some of the most affordable tuition fees on the planet.

QS World


Cheapest Universities in Europe

for International Students


Min. Tuition Fees


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


€1500 / Year


University of Bologna


€2200 / Year


University of Hamburg


€325 (Semester Fees)


University of Cologne


€240 (Student Contribution Fees)


Norwegian University of Science and Technology




Paris Descartes University


€300 / Year


University of Siena


€1800 / Year


Norwegian School of Economics




University of Burgundy


€500 / Year


University of Catalonia


€1500 / Year


Cheapest Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students

For the Indian students, along with the affordability, English taught programs are a priority. The second prominent factor is living expenses for the country they will be studying in. For this, the public universities in Germany are the perfect study abroad destination for Indian students, as it takes care of the every factor mentioned below. Other than Germany, France, Poland, Italy are some of the cheapest countries to study abroad for Indian Students.

Scholarships to Study Abroad

Another way to fund the expenses for the studying abroad is scholarships. There are number of study abroad scholarships available for the international students willing to study abroad. The scholarships are either from the universities, private entities, or from the government of your home country. In fact, there are fully paid scholarships in many countries, where you can study for free, like Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

For other countries, you can check out: Scholarships to Study Abroad for International Students 2019-20

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