Feb 12, 2019

8 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider MBA in Germany

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Germany is one of the leading manufacturing giant in the world. A business degree from Germany will not only enrich your academics, but will take care of your career path and future, too. Here are some of the reasons that make MBA in Germany worth your time and money.

1. MBA in Germany Cost

There is no tuition fees in public universities in Germany. You can actually have free education in Germany considering the higher education. However, most programs for MBA in Germany are from private business schools and Universities, therefore they carry certain fees needed to be paid by the students.

Having said that, the MBA is Germany cost is less than other popular study abroad destinations like USA and UK. Here is the little comparison of top business schools from three countries and their costs:

Top Business Schools

Tuition Fees

European School of Management and Technology, Germany

US$ 49430

Harvard Business School, USA

US$ 72000

Booth (University of Chicago), USA

US$ 72000

London Business School

US$ 92000

2. World-class MBA Schools and Academic Staff

Many German Business schools feature among the top ranking lists with business schools all around the world. Here is the list of top business schools to pursue MBA in Germany:

  1. European School of Management and Technology

  2. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

  3. Mannheim Business School

  4. WHU Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management

  5. HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

  6. Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences

  7. Technical University of Munich

  8. Berlin School of Economics and Law

  9. University of Cologne Executive School

  10. ESCP Europe - Berlin Campus

3. Study MBA in Germany in English

In recent years, Germany has increased the number of English taught courses in Universities and higher education in general to catch up with the international standards and attract more and more international students. Especially courses like MBA and social sciences which carry an international acceptance and significance. And subsequently, they are some of the most popular courses in Germany.

4. 1 Year MBA in Germany

The 1 year MBA in Germany is one of the most sought after programs. 1 year MBA is popular because of its shorter duration among working professionals. The course gives working professionals an opportunity to get an MBA in shorter time in this competitive world. Here are some of the 1 year MBA in Germany:

  1. ESMT (European School of Management and Technology)

  2. New European College

  3. ESCP Berlin

5. Method of Teaching

MBA in Germany is a program to look forward to, as it will prepare you for the future, and real life challenges at the job. The courses and modules under the MBA in Germany not only get you through the theoretical aspects, but will also prepare you with a mindset of independent business and help you develop a perspective.

Many colleges and Universities in Germany have ties with business corporations for research and internships in the companies that will help you in the future.

6. MBA in Germany DAAD Grants and Other Scholarships:

Not only the affordable places to live, Germany is also known for the scholarships on offer. In short, you don’t need to worry in case you do not make it to a public university. DAAD scholarships and other scholarships to study in Germany are great ways to fund your expenses when you are pursuing MBA in Germany.

The major scholarships include scholarships like DAAD, Erasmus Plus and Deutschland Stipendium. To know more about the scholarships, you can check out Study Abroad Scholarships for International Students in Germany

7. MBA in Germany without GMAT

GMAT is one of the essential requirements when you are looking for MBA abroad. In some cases if a student have significant work experience, the test scores might not be asked, however that will depend on the individual cases. Germany, on the other hand, lets you study MBA without GMAT. Below are the business schools in Germany without GMAT requirements:

  1. Accadis Business School Bad Homburg

  2. Akademie Würth Business School

  3. Berlin School of Economics and Law

  4. Cologne Business School

  5. Dresden International University

8. Employability after MBA in Germany

The country is home to companies like Siemens, BMW and Volkswagen. The companies hire MBA graduates from the top Universities in Germany. As we have mentioned, the business schools in Germany prepare you with the skills and knowledge required in the jobs with the research based learning approach of the schools.

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