May 6, 2019

Study in France for Indian Students gets Easier with recent MoU

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From May 1, the new MoU between France and India, the Mutual Recognition of Academic Qualifications will come into the affect, and as a result, studying in France for Indian students will get easier. How? Here are all the details of the MoU, and the benefits that come with it:

Mutual Recognition of Academic Qualifications:

The MoU was signed on 10 March 2018, during French President Emmanuel Macron’s first visit to India. The agreement took place during India-France knowledge Summit. The said summit was the first of its kind between two countries for university, scientific and technological cooperation. With this agreement, both the countries’ government and their educational institutes will recognize the degrees from the other country. This is India’s first intergovernmental agreement.

As per the agreement, Universities in France will recognize four of the following levels of study from the Indian Education System:

  1. Pre-University: AISSCE- All India Senior School Certificate Examination, and other equivalent qualifications, which are recognized by Government.
  2. Bachelor's Degree
  3. Master's Degree
  4. PhD

These degrees and qualifications will be equivalent to their specific counterparts in France, and as per the MoU, the Indian Government will recognize the equivalent qualifications given below:

  1. Baccalauréat (Equivalent to AISSCE in India)
  2. License (Equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree)
  3. Master’s (Equivalent to Master’s in India)
  4. Doctorat (Equivalent to PhD)

Benefits of studying in France for Indian Students

With this agreement, not only Indian students will benefit, as the application process that is already straight forward, will be even more streamlined. It will provide students from both countries the mobility to study abroad. However, the professional degrees like Medical and Law are excluded with some of the other professional courses. With these agreement in effect, the students are allowed to take their higher education ahead with the degrees from home country, be it a AISSCE degree or Baccalaureate, the degrees stand the same. There are number of benefits of studying in France for Indian students, be it studying without IELTS, and other Reasons to Study in France for Indian Students.

Study in France Requirements

There are some basic requirements to study in France for Indian students, and the first and foremost is to apply for the course in a university, with an application online and the supporting documents required for the admission. For the Visa process, one has to go through “Studying in France” Process and Campus France India, for the long stay visa in France. To know more about the admission requirements, click: How to Apply at Universities in France for Indian Students 2019-2020?

Cheapest Universities in France for International Students

If you are already interested in Universities for your further studies in France, we can help, with the most affordable universities in France to start with. The Public universities in France are the most affordable, as the 2770 euros a year for Bachelor’s and 3770 euros a year for Master’s degree in France. Here are five of the most affordable universities in France for International students:

  1. University of Paris
  2. Jean Monnet University
  3. Claude Bernard University
  4. Blaise Pascal University
  5. Henri Poincare University

Post Study Work Visa in France for Indian Students

There is a provision to stay back in France once students have completed with their study program. The norm is of the stay back period of one year for the job hunting, or continue studying in France. However, students are required to apply for the separate residence permit afterwards if they are from the non-EU countries. Here is more on the Stay Back in France: French Residence Permit After Studying in France 2019-20

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