Students from all over the world move to France for their higher education, making it one of the most preferred abroad destinations across the globe. The number of international students is more than 300,000 in France. There are many top colleges in France for international students.

Colleges in France

France colleges and universities include higher education institutes and universities that provide education degrees from bachelor to doctoral level and also contribute to research activities. There is a government-funded public education system that provides recognised degrees to the huge number of international students in France and the cost of college in France is also low compared to other English speaking countries.

Frances colleges are consistently named in the list of global university ranking and provide education to most international students who opt to study in France. Colleges in France also offer full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which mainly concentrates on the research activities. Tuition fee varies according to the courses and colleges.

French Universities Ranking

Among top 1000 universities listed by QS Rankings, there are 31 universities of France. 17 among them are in the Top 500 in the world. In European universities, French universities are some of the oldest and most prestigious universities. Few Top Universities of France in the world: Université PSL, Ecole Polytechnique, Sorbonne University, CentraleSupélec, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon etc.

Study in France requirements

  • Passport or ID card (valid for the duration of your stay)
  • Campus France authorization
  • ID or passport size photos
  • Copies of graduation diplomas and their French translation
  • Registration fee 
  • Social security registration 
  • A civil liability certificate
  • Resume (only in some cases, and only for postgraduate degrees)
  • Cover letter
  • French and/or English Language certificate (depending on tuition language of chosen degree)
  • Transcript of records 
  • Proof that you can fund your stay in France
  • Copies of diplomas

Best colleges in France 

Top colleges of France includes french universities or any other higher education institution. Here are some of the best colleges in France

Is college free in France

College in France are not absolutely free you can say it is cheap. Students from other countries who cannot afford to study in France can grab the opportunity of scholarships to study in France colleges for free. There are many other options besides scholarships to study in France for free like doing a part-time job while studying to finance your own study, take educational loans, financial aids etc. 

France MBA college

France is the main location for technology, innovation and development. There are many educational colleges offering excellent programs for an MBA degree in France. Colleges in France for MBA are culturally and intellectually stimulating environment to pursue further education among many international students and professionals.

Candidates holding an MBA degree from France college are highly demanded by the employers. A large number of students graduating with an MBA France degree are recruited to work in international business and corporations all over the world. Students pursuing an MBA in France can learn from many different faculties. Students also learn many different things from each other, as each student body is uniquely multicultural, offering many different perspectives. Here are some top MBA Colleges in France are:

Medical Colleges in France

Pursuing medicine from French Medical colleges is beneficial in all terms, whether it is about education, curriculum, fees structure, living or food. All Medical universities in France are hi-tech and equipped with world-class infrastructure and advance learning and teaching mediums. It is golden opportunities for all international to become a medical professional under the guidance of brilliant and highly qualified faculty members. Moreover, the study of medicine in French universities is characterized by practical application as well as theoretical study. Medical Colleges in France for Indian students are adequate. Here you will find a list of the best France medical college :

You can be appointed as Medical counsellor, Educator, Medical Professor, Medical Consultant, Medical journalist, Pharmacy industry, etc.  after Pursuing medicine from France. It will provide you with high pay and global acceptance.

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