May 11, 2019

10000 Indian Students to Study in France in 2019

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On May first, the agreement to recognize the degrees of France and India came into the effect, where France would recognise four qualifications from India. Earlier that year, it was the first visit of Emmanuel Macron, the French President, where he signed the said Mou. The focus of that meeting was to take ties between India and France closer, especially for the Educational exchange between two countries. For years, Study in France has been on the list of Indian students, and the goal of that agreement to increase the number of students.

10000 Indian Students to Study in France in 2019

Study in France for Indian Students:

As a result of English Taught Courses, Quality of the Education and the affordable tuition fees, there has been a gradual increase in the number of the Indian students going to Study in France. According to the French Diplomat Alexandre Ziegler, France aims to have 10000 Indian Students to Study in France for 2019. Previously, the target of 10000 Indian students were set for the 2020, as per the statements of French Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault.

Speaking at an event at the French embassy, Alexandre Ziegler added that one of the main focus of the bilateral relationship between India and France was the younger generation. Before three years the number of Indian students going to study in France was 4000, which means that the number of Indian Students choosing France to study abroad will be more than double, within three years.

Why France?

One of the most prominent reasons for Indian students to choose France is the affordability that comes with it. The tuition fees in the public universities in France, where the tuition fees are 2770 euros a year for the bachelor’s programs and the Master’s Programs cost around 3770 euros a year. The tuition fees are some of the lowest in the Europe, and far lower than the English speaking countries.

The Accommodation in France can be a tricky hurdle, as it is not affordable when it comes to big cities like Paris. Add to that the tuition fees of the private universities and courses like management, the monetary part might look steep for the Indian students. To counter that, France has introduced Scholarship for Indian Students in France, and the funds for the scholarships in France have been increased in the past few years by the French Government.

As we said, there are number of reasons to choose France as their study abroad destination for the Indian students. Here are they: Top Reasons to Study in France for 2019 - 2020

Thus, looking at the trends, more and more Indian students are opting France as their study abroad destination for the higher education. There are 35 top ranked universities of the world, and many more equally excellent education and the facilities. France is a county you cannot miss, if you are looking to study abroad.

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