Nov 30, 2018

IDP Results for IELTS: Canada Student Visa at Risk for Indian Students

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IDP IELTS test, along with British Council has been the leading test provider for the IELTS tests. Thousands of students book for the IELTS under IDP IELTS booking services. Recently, Niagara College of Canada has alleged IDP IELTS India, and questioned the reliability of IDP IELTS India. The students Studying in canada from IDP IELTS India have failed to prove the proficiency when asked to take the test again. Moreover, it is said that to improve the immigration business, IDP is promoting ineligible students with good scores.

IDP Results for IELTS: Canada Student Visa at Risk for Indian Students

IDP Results and Niagara College: What’s the Matter?

Niagara College found out that the student who have taken the IDP IELTS test, and was enrolled in the college had a bad record of accomplishment. The student who have enrolled in the University after taking the IDP IELTS test from India, failed the English tests taken, and were poor with exam results. This raises a question on IDP results and the reliability of IDP Results.

When the students were asked to take the English Language Tests, they were not able to score sufficient score to prove otherwise. This has make the college authorities to take some strict actions. While the students who are already enrolled are under the scanner, Niagara College has issued some conditions for the future students. The college has gone further and asked students to take another exam otherwise the admission and visa can be rejected.

What Now?

Students who have taken the IDP IELTS India test for the admission in January 2019 intake in Canada, and are granted the visa, have been asked to take the English Language Proficiency tests again. Most probably, they will be asked to take the PTE test.

Students who have been granted the Canada Study Permit and already accepted in the Niagara College for January 2019 intake have to take the English Language Proficiency test again in the light of the IDP results fiasco.

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If the already enrolled students of January 2019 intake fail to prove their efficiency in the English, their admission will be cancelled, and subsequently, the Canada Student Visa will be rejected, too.

What Should You Do?

If you are looking forward to admission in Niagara College, do not book your tests through IDP IELTS India. If you have already appeared for it, and have been accepted in the college, wait for the college to decide whether you are required to take another exam or not. In all possibilities, be prepared for an English Language Exam in the meantime. There is a possibility other colleges and Universities in Canada might take the same route if the allegations hold substance. You can opt for British Council IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.

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