Canada is one of the popular countries, which is famous for rich possibilities and cultures. As per the report, every year, more than 1,30,000 international students came to Canada for study. Most of the International student prefers Canada because it offers high-quality teaching system. But if you want to study in Canada, you have to take Canadian study permit. To make this permission, you have to undergo some proper steps. In this article, we are going to provide you complete information regarding this.

Everything You need to Know about how to get Canada study visa

Decide Your College First And Then Apply For The Student Visa

If you want to go Canada for study and to look for the student Visa, then first you should decide the college. You have to choose a college where you want to take admission. Once you decide, you will get an acceptance letter from the university and through acceptance letter, you can able to apply for student Visa. You have to select the college first and the course you want to study here. Once you confirm, you have to apply!

Check Properly Whether You Need A Student Visa Or Not

At Canada, there are some rules where the student doesn't need a visa for the study you should check those rules properly, and if you are in this category then you don't need to apply! If your family or any relatives member of the foreign representative in Canada, then you don't need a student visa.  Or if you are interested a program which duration less than six months, then you don't need a permit. From the Visiting Forces Act, if you are a member of foreign armed forces, then you don't need a license.  But always remember, though you don't need a student visa, you need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to visit Canada. 

Apply For The Canadian Student Visa

Once you choose a college and get an acceptance letter from the college, you have to apply for the student visa. You have to fill up online form through the citizenship an Immigration Canada (CIC) website and submit. If you don't have online service, you can apply for papers before arriving in Canada. You have to provide an acceptance letter from the recognized university. You have to submit proof of income so that they will be sure; you can pay the payment completely. You should not have any criminal record. If require, you need to submit your fitness certificate. To know more details, you can visit their website.

Documents Required For The Application

There are different types of original, and Xerox documents need for the Canada student visa application process.

  • First, need to complete the application form.
  • Original acceptance letter, a valid passport, or travel documents.
  • Have to submit two recent passport size photos and your name date of birth you have to write on the back side of the picture.
  •  Proof of income, a letter of explanation, evidence that you paid the study permit fees

Language Preferences

You have to show proof that you know English language. If you are not coming from the English speaking language country, then you have to seat for the language test. You can choose any test like IELTS, Cambridge English: Advanced or TOEFL.

Details About The Biometric Appointment

Based on the urgency for your country, people may have to show up at visa center that your country has taken biometrics. And the fee is 85 CAD. If you are Indian, Pakistan, American, Kenyan, Ghana, Egyptian, and from Bangladesh, you can able to apply for Canadian student visa.

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