After completing all you financial requirements, the next thing you should plan is how to acquire the passport and visa.

Concerns like whether you can get that visa before your course get started, or there are no delays to getting your passport may bound to trouble you.

But No Worry; our comprehensive guide to getting a visa and passport should clear all your doubts. We'll tell you how to apply for a passport and visa. Just follow our checklist to know what documents you will need for submission to the passport and visa office. Use our different articles and blogs to gather all the information you need to apply for a passport and visa.

Some students may feel nervous about facing the consulate officer during the visa interview. We can assure you that with our personalized guidance, we can help you approach the interview.All countries have different Rules & regulation regarding applying for visa and passport. We have updated all countries visa informations in our country guide section. Also get tips by reading our articles and get ready to crack visa application.

Being clear with your objectives and answers should help you overcome any pre-interview jitters. By following our guidelines and suggestions, you are sure to land a visa before your University joining date.


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