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Degree Programs

A Degree program in France will allow you to study at globally renowned Universities with enjoying the excellent culture and heritage. There are various specializations available for international students and they are as follows :

How much will a European education charge?

The cost of studying in Europe differs greatly by nation and region but a truly world-class education is available without overstretching your financial plan.

• Course fees and living expenditures are sensible, but they can vary widely by nation and district – see course profiles for more detailed info

• Duration of the undergraduate will be 3-4 and for post graduate course it will be 1+ years.

Significant material about studying in Europe

Learn more about intake dates, application deadlines, student visas and English language necessities before applying to a European University or College.

• Intakes vary from country to nation but most nations have main intake in September or October (rolling intake for some programs and organizations).

• Preferred English language test is IELTS for universities or colleges with programs trained in English. TOEFL is also mostly recognized.

More About Europe

Europe is a Continent that includes several Countries with overseas regions and territories. As a continent, the economy of Europe is currently the largest on Earth and it is the richest region as measured by assets under management with over $32.7 trillion compared to North America's $27.1 trillion in 2008. The culture of Europe can be described as a series of overlapping cultures; cultural mixes exist across the continent. There are cultural innovations and movements, sometimes at odds with each other. There are more than 4000 higher education institutions in Europe, from top-level research establishments to small, teaching-focused colleges. Europe itself is no less diverse, extending from the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa.

  • World-class higher education institutions.
  • A unique combination between modernity and a rich historical heritage.
  • Over 1,000 institutions offering high quality study programs in an international environment
  • Moderate tuition fees