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Top 17 Scholarships for Pune

Apply now for the competitive Pune scholarships, fellowships and grants to finance your education rationally.  Useful details for variety of Pune scholarships are mentioned here and as such it is helpful for students who want to study in Pune. Take a look at our recent listing of Pune scholarships.

Merit Based 100% Scholarship

To continue availing 100% scholarship student must secure position in top 5% of the merit list for the program. For continuation of 50% scholarship, student will have to secure position in top 10% of the merit list for the programme.   80% aggregate and above (excluding Physical Educat...


Financial support from institution  (For Commerce)       No. of Students : 10 (Free-ship)


Financial support from government (For Commerce)     No. of Students : 56 (Scholarship)


Financial support from other sources(For Commerce)   No. of Students : 3

TEF Need Cum Merit based Scholarships

The Tolani Education Foundation has instituted 48 need-cum-merit based scholarships from semester commencing August 2007. The objective is to provide financial support to the identified students undergoing UG programmes at TMI Induri. The Scholarship amount of Rs. 15,000/- per semester once award...

Dr. C. P. Srivastava Scholarship

Rank Number of Scholarships Amount 1 1 Rs. 40000 2 / 3 2 Rs. 35000 Each 4 / 5 2 Rs. 30000 Each 6 – 9 4 Rs. 25000 Each 10 – 15 6 Rs. 20000 Each 16 – 23 8...

Mrs. Papu Tolani Scholarship

Mrs. Papu Tolani, wife of Dr. N. P. Tolani has kindly instituted one scholarship of Rs. 10,000/- per semester, for the Nautical Technology programme.   This is a merit-cum-need based scholarship. Once the scholarship is offered, it will be continued for the entire programme to the one stud...

Manbhaw Charitable Trust

The Manbhaw Charitable Trust, to promote participation of girls in the maritime industry and to promote academic excellence amongst them, has instituted two merit based annual scholarships exclusively for girls students enrolled in either the Marine Engineering or Nautical Technology programmes. ...

Menghraj Karna Need-cum-Merit based Scholarship for Girls

Menghraj Karna need-cum-merit based scholarship for girls has been instituted from semester commencing August 2008. The objective is to provide financial support to the identified girl students undergoing UG programmes at TMI Induri. The scholarship amount is Rs. 10,000/- per semester as per the ...

Hinoday Award

'Hinoday Award' of Rs. 10,000/- and a certificate for best outgoing student of the Institute every year. 

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