Nov 7, 2017

How to prepare for VITEEE 2018

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Okay so the main tension among the students of 12th boards is to get into the best college. They need to pass their board exam and also need to clear the cut-off of Entrance Exam of that University. Vellore Institute of Engineering has their own Engineering entrance exam known as VITEEE. It is held in the month of April.  More than 2 lakh applicants give this exam. Vellore comes in top colleges for Engineering.

How to prepare for VITEEE 2018 

Let’s talk about How to prepare for VITEEE.

Know about the Exam pattern:

To begin with the preparation of anything you must know about it so that you can plan accordingly. There will be question from Physics, Chemistry, and Maths and somewhat from English. If you have opted biology then instead of Maths there will be questions from Biology.



40 Questions


40 Questions


40 Questions


40 Questions


5 Questions

   Negative marking   

    There is no negative marking for wrong answers   

Make a perfect timetable:

Once you are well aware about pattern, make every day schedule which should include completion of entire course before date, time for revision, breaks. Don’t mug up all the things. Try to study it from scratch. Try to switch subjects during your preparations so that you will not get bore of it and will enjoy your study. Rotate your topics.

Keep your Basics Clear:

Reading all the topics will not help you much. Clear your basics & then go through advanced chapters. This will help you during your revision period. Understanding the root of any theory will help you in studying complex concepts.     

Concentrate on your Weak Points:

During your preparation, you will find some topics which you can easily score well in it while there will be some topics which will be difficult for you to understand. Try to find out those topics and spend some time in preparing it. Extra guide should be taken by you from your faculties, friends so that you can convert your weaker topics into stronger topics.

Test your Knowledge:

Whatever you study, in which manner you are study what matters is the result. Check your knowledge by giving exams, Sample papers are also available. As it will be an online Exam, so you will get to know about type of questions, time limit, it will boost your confidence level.   


Syllabus for VITEEE is very vast. You will learn new topics everyday but don’t forget to revise the old topics completed by you otherwise you will forget it as time passes. Spare some everyday time for revision purpose, it will keep all things fresh in your mind.

Making of Notes and Flash Cards:

One can’t carry books every time with them. For this make flash cards and notes of the main topics or the topics which you find it difficult to understand. It will help you in quick revision anytime anywhere. This will help you in remembering those topics as you will be reading it most of the time.

Breaks are necessary:

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. You all have heard about this proverb. Breaks are necessary in your schedules. It will refresh your mind and it will help you to understand things more efficiently. Another important thing which you should do is keep yourself healthy. Eat properly, sleep well.  

Hope this will help you.

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