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A Complete Study MBA Information

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A Complete Study MBA Information

the m.b.a. is master's degree of management or business administration. the full form of m.b.a. is known as masters of business administration. this degree began in the united states in beginning of the 20th century. this is thoroughly a professional degree and the various accreditation bodies provide mba programme to ensure the consistency and quality of the education. the various institutions, universities, colleges, etc are running this degree around the world offering into the different field i.e. human resource management, financial management, marketing management, mass media, accounting, operations, and international business etc. the programmes offered under this degree are given in the various modes that is full time, part time, executive and distance learning programmes. the mba is an internationally recognized and geographically flexible post graduate, post experience academic course in a number of subjects that together can be known to constitute the science of management. it is all about understanding the each and every aspects of business dynamics. an mba is about learning that how to work with people, because it is people who run businesses.

careers after mba in various fields:

an mba programme helps the individual to shape up their careers into the various fields and streams. majority of the mba students choose to make their careers into the following fields. once, the students or professionals choose their careers they upgrade their careers by acquiring various designations according to the time and experience.

the various careers can be understood in detail as follows:-

1. finance and banking:- this field includes the students who have completed their mba degree with the specialization of banking or finance or banking & finance. the professional can emerge their careers in the various designations in to the banking and finance industry as security analyst, portfolio analyst, corporate banking professional, insurance agent, sales professional, personal banker, commercial banking, whole risk management, dealing in stock market, liabilities product management, relationship management and treasury. investment banking etc. there are various financial companies and institutions which are offering jobs into such areas. these companies are axis bank, hdfc bank, rbl, icici bank, yes bank, state bank of india, goldman sachs, barclays ltd., sbi capital, kotak bank, kotak securities, jp morgan securities, kotak wealth management, icici prudential life insurance, religare insurance, magma fincorp, angel broking, axis securities, fullerton securities, etc. apart from the same, the mba finance student can explore his career by being an entrepreneur as well. employers generally seek mba finance graduates with strong work ethic, excellent verbal and written communication skills, analytical skills, ability to work with others etc.

the attractive careers or career path for the mba finance student can be described as follows:-

managerial finance: - a position of the managerial finance can lead a person to the highest level of the designation in the company. the research states that majority of the chief executive officers (ceos) of the various financial companies reach to the top level on the tenure of on and average of 15 years.

capital budgeting analyst: - they are responsible for the selection and evaluation for the projects which are allocated to the company to raise the funds. in the evaluation process of such projects, the analyst gathers the relevant data and makes cash flow projections and presentation about the proposed projects.

cash manager: - the cash manager is responsible to maintain and control the daily transactions of the cash of the firm. in the large company or mnc, it involves risk management, currency trade, national and international banking relationships etc.

credit manager: - the routine work of the credit manager is to analyse the financial condition of the applicants, checking the credit histories if any and determine what amount of credit is to be given to the applicant. also it involves in studying the present and past cash receivables.

financial analyst: - this person is responsible for the handling of the variety of finance related tasks such as budget allocation, financial plans, strategies, short term borrowing, analysing the fixed assets and capital structure. it involves the responsibilities such as financial planning, raising funds from the market, cash management, etc. 

benefits officer: - this person is responsible to manage the pension fund assets, managing and executing the employee retirement plans, healthcare policies etc.

project finance manager:-his responsibility includes to arrange and meet a firm’s capital structure objectives. he coordinates the activities of consultants, investment bankers and legal counsellors. also he assesses and forecasts the financial market conditions and impact of the same on the future planning.

banking: - many banks hire mba finance people on the entry level positions in various streams such as retail banking, operations, commercial landing etc.

loan officer: - he evaluates the commercial, consumer, personal , credit and various loan aspects. the loan officer develops the relationship between the business consumer and the bank.

trust officer: - he manages the portfolio of the various investors, firms, institutions, companies, corporate pensions etc.

branch manager: - he supervises the various activities such as opening new accounts, solving customer queries, foreign exchange, safe deposit boxes, loan, mortgages and other financial products etc.

financial planner:-the planner helps the client into the budgeting, real estate, stock market, taxes, retirement, financial planning, etc.

investment banker: - he acts as a middleman between issuers and buyers of newly issued stocks and bonds. he advises the clients about the various financial planning, financial strategies and financial tools.

security analyst: - they are the financial experts who are involved in the buying and selling of the stocks of the various firms and companies. they are the specialists who act as an adviser or a fund manager for the respective companies.

stock broker: - they act as agents for people who wish to buy and sell securities. they advise the customers on the financial matters, supplying the latest stocks, generate the stock report etc.

insurance agent:-they develop the programmes which can fit according to the needs and wants of the customers. they help in claim and settlement of the insurance, collecting the premiums etc.

risk manager: - they are the people who are continuously working for the organization to identify the risk factors. they give recommendation to eliminate or reduce such risks which can be harmful to the firm by utilizing their skills.

so, in this manner we can see the different sort of job prospects and careers which are existing and pertaining into the market for the person who has completed the mba finance degree.


2.  marketing management :- there is a vast scope for the students who have pursued their careers in mba in marketing management. they can develop their sectors in fmcg, tourism, banking, market research, hospitality etc at the various designations which can be described as follows.

marketing manager: - the key focus and responsibility of the marketing manager is to manage the relationships with the existing customers and develop new relationships with new customers. the marketing manager majorly focuses on customer satisfaction, customer retention, developing and executing the market strategy, customer management etc.

brand manager: - the brand manager is majorly responsible to develop and position the brand of the company into the market. for the same, they involve the company into the various promotional and positioning activities such as advertising, market research, surveys etc. they try to know that what the target customer is expecting about the product.

market research analyst: - they design and develop the new and innovative strategies to know the market scenario. accordingly they gather the data from the target market, develop the strategy to market the product, modifies the product if required, assesses the consumer preferences, conduct surveys, analyse the data, etc.

sales manager: - he is responsible to monitor the entire sales and revenue generation activities. he monitors the various existing schemes which are being provided to the customers, distributors, suppliers etc and accordingly plan sales strategy. they fix the sales target and accordingly engaged the team into the sales & business development activities.

media planner: - he gets involved in designing a plan which decides the advertising time and space in the selected media. also he/she decides how to achieve the marketing,advertising and communication objectives.

product manager: - he is responsible for the market growth of the product line which is being delivered to the customer. also the maintenance of the profitability is being decided and maintained by the product manager. they coordinate with the various divisions of the company so that timely flow of the product can be there into the market.

internet marketer: - this career option is the emerging and the hottest career option among the students who are having the degree of mba with marketing management. these people work on the social media marketing, search engine optimization (seo), pay per click (ppc), web content writing, article and press release etc.

so, in this manner we can see the different sort of job prospects and careers which are existing and pertaining into the market for the person who has completed the mba marketing degree.


3. human resource management:- the human resource management is emerging and booming concept in the industry. the students who are having a degree of mba with hrm can develop their careers into the various streams of hrm such as recruitment, training and development, compensation management, performance appraisal etc. the various aspects of the same can be seen as follows.

recruitment manager: - the person who manages the recruitment is responsible to recruit right people for the right designation at the right time with the right salary. these people evaluates the skills, knowledge, mind set, work experience etc. of the job applicant and accordingly take them through the recruitment and interview process.

manpower planner: - these people are responsible to assess the current manpower situated at the different departments of the company and accordingly evaluate the kind of demand of the manpower for the same. they perform such activities through demand and supply forecasting techniques. they help the organization into the manpower planning and accordingly the succession planning and the career planning.

human resource administrator: - this person is responsible to define and execute the various organization policies and procedures.

compensation and benefit planner:-this people are responsible to decide the salary structure of the employees of the organization. they take various factors into the consideration while determining the compensation such as the prevailing industry salary and wage rates, legal policies, laws etc. apart from the same they also work to decide the policies related to the employee welfare, health and safety benefits of the employees, terminal benefits etc.

industrial relations: - these people try to promote and maintain the healthy relations between the management, trade unions and workers of the organization. they are a bridge between the employee and management associations. at the time of strike or issues related to the same, the ir people negotiate the different terms and conditions on behalf of the management and association of the labourers.

training and development: - the people who are engaged into the training and development activities are responsible to design and execute the various training and induction along with the development programmes for the employees on the time to time basis. they help into career progression of the employees of the organisation.

performance appraisal: - they are responsible to review the performance appraisal system which is designed for the employees. they review and execute the same system on the timely basis and ensure that the deviation in the process should not occur. they take care of the issues like promotion, incentives, bonus etc.

so, in this manner we can see the different sort of job prospects and careers which are existing and pertaining into the market for the person who has completed the mba human resource management degree.


4. information technology:- the need for information technology has increased across the world. and hence the need of the professionals from it background has increased too. so looking at the demand of the emerging business the universities have started offering the it specialization along with mba. the students who are pursuing the mba with it can effectively manage the planning, design, and implementation and use the networks and the communication system. as far as the career option are concerned, following are the roles and responsibilities which can be offered to the mba it professionals.

erp consultant: - the enterprise resource planning consultant provides the view of the major business processes. their major work is to manage the database system of the company. they develop the various kind of soft wares which help into managing different databases, crm software, procurement systems, human resource information system etc. they are concerned with the hardware and software both as far as the company is concerned. their duties include the management, migration, integration, customization and expansion of the important data of the company.

it manager: - as the it manager, the person is supposed to perform different kind of duties as far as the planning and evaluation of the system is concerned. the person coordinates between the management and client of the company, advices the client on various aspects of it which is integrated with the business and accordingly he coordinates with the project team to expatiate the project given by the client. he manages the cost, deadline and quality standards for the project given. apart from the same time to time evaluation of the project is also an important part of the duty of an it manager.

it service manager: - the it service manager has to be updated with the new up gradation of the it industry. his main focus is the customer orientation. according to the need of the customer the it service manager has to perform the operational and strategic part of the duties. they plan, monitor and implement new solutions according to the needs and wants of the customers.

it configuration manager: - the it configuration manager is responsible for the validation and maintenance of the control of the production system configuration and software baselines. they help in building and releasing the new software application. according to the same, the proficiency of the same is to be managed and developed. the it configuration manager continuously work on technical matters through which he can increase the software potentiality and accordingly satisfy the needs and wants of the customer and fetch revenue for the company.

so, in this manner we can see the different sort of job prospects and careers which are existing and pertaining into the market for the person who has completed the mba it degree.


5. international business:- as we all know, past two decades have changed the phase of import and export completely. the globalisation has come up with the new era as far as the trade among the different countries and continents are concerned. the student, who has pursued the degree mba along with the specialization of international business, is having a huge scope to explore the career. the same can be seen as follows.

custom house agent (cha):- the custom house agent is having a license to act as an agent for the transaction of goods as far as the import and export is concerned. the cha is required to perform duties with the specific authorization. he has to check the goods personally and if they are appropriate in the quality accordingly he has to give them the clearance to proceed further. he has to give correct advice to the client according to the rules, regulations and laws. also he is responsible to pay the duties and taxes to the government all monies received from client.

international business consultant: - this person is responsible to provide the accurate and up to date information about the various aspects of the revenue generation and business development to the client and management. he has to take care of the information which can be useful to the company e.g. competitive companies, investment opportunities, risk analysis, research, business analysis etc. also he has to develop the various aspects of the international trade negotiations, world bank, wto, regional trade blocks, legal aspects, tariffs, duties, trade agreements etc.

international finance manager: - he has to take care the finance related activities as far as the multinational corporations are concerned. he accelerates, analyse and update the knowledge as far as the foreign trade and finance policies are concerned. accordingly he directs the company to take investment decisions into the various countries and aspects of the business. this person is also involved into the documentation process associated with the sez (special economic zone), export processing zones (epzs), exim bank etc.

international accounting manager: - this people are engaged into the accounting operations with the various multi national organizations and the firms which are into the trading and import-export of the overseas trades. the international accounting manager has to comply and follow the norms, rules and regulations of the international accounting methods and standards.

so, in this manner we can see the different sort of job prospects and careers which are existing and pertaining into the market for the person who has completed the mba international business degree.


in this article, the light is being thrown on the career prospective of the various aspects and specialization of the mba. there are major five specializations in which the students are pursuing their careers i.e. banking and finance, human resource management, marketing management, information technology and international business. now based on the specializations, the following conclusions can be derived which are noted as follows.

mba (banking and finance): the average salary for the entry level position in this sector varies from 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum. once, the candidate spends considerable time into the industry that is 10 years and more the candidate can draw the salary up to 15 to 25 lakhs per annum, which is again depending upon the various geographical locations. this can be considered the most booming careers.

mba (marketing management):- the average salary for the entry level position in this sector varies from 1.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum. once, the candidate spends considerable time into the industry or company that is 10 years and more the candidate can draw the salary up to 25 to 30 lakhs per annum, which is again depending upon the various geographical locations.

mba (human resource management):- the average salary for the entry level position in this sector varies from 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs per annum. once, the candidate spends considerable time into the industry that is 10 years and more the candidate can draw the salary up to 10 to 20 lakhs per annum, which is again depending upon the various geographical locations.

mba (information technology):- the average salary for the entry level position in this sector varies from 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum. once, the candidate spends considerable time into the industry that is 10 years and more the candidate can draw the salary up to 15 to 20 lakhs per annum, which is again depending upon the various geographical locations.

mba (international business):- the average salary for the entry level position in this sector varies from 2.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum. once, the candidate spends considerable time into the industry that is 10 years and more the candidate can draw the salary up to 10 to 20 lakhs per annum, which is again depending upon the various geographical locations.

in this manner, the different aspects and careers related to the mba can be described. through the article we can come to a conclusion that the average highest salary among all the careers related to mba is being paid to the professional who has pursued the careers either in the degree of mba in banking & finance or in the degree of mba in ib. after that, the second highest pay packages are being provided to the professionals with mba in marketing management and mba in it. and then the mba in human resource management comes into the picture.

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