Nov 1, 2017

HOW to crack NID DAT

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National Institute of Design (NID) is a dream college of almost all students who wants to study Bachelor of designing and Master of designing situated in Ahmedabad. There are total of 100 seats of B.Des in NID Ahmedabad. NID will conduct an exam known as NID DAT (Design Aptitude Test) for selecting its students. NID will conduct this exam on 7th January 2018. There will be neck to neck competition among students for seeking the admission in NID. Jeduka provides some of the tips which will help students to crack this exam.

HOW to crack NID DAT


  • The general misconception which students are having now a day is if they can draw well then they will easily be able to crack this exam but this is totally wrong. You should have your thoughts clear. They will judge your creativity, imagination, visualization skills along with your drawing so you should give equal importance to all of these.
  • Students should try to improve your Speed. Your drawing skills, imagination power, creativity will be of no use if you can’t represent all these in proper time. You need to be quick in order to showcase your drawing in given time.
  • Try to solve as many sample papers as possible. There are benefits of solving papers like you can increase your speed, you will get to know the type of question asked, the level of difficulty, in which sequence you should try to solve your exam paper.
  • Try to use A4 size instead of A3 size paper. For General Knowledge you should read newspaper regularly because reading all the G.K books won’t help you much in your exams. Knowledge about all the designers is necessary who have contributed to a great extent and you can get this knowledge from various fashion magazines.
  • Okay so this is the most common mistake done by all students. They will draw their painting 100 times with a darker pencil and while erasing their drawing sheet becomes untidy as well as they will waste a lot of time in doing it. It is advisable to draw your painting with a light hand so that it will save their time in erasing and redrawing.  
  • Students should have innovative ideas, creative thinking, imaginative power and they should make such drawing that will catch examiner’s mind. Try to think out of the box, your drawing should be unique, uncommon and not conventional.
  • You should have a well prepared plan. For succeeding in any exam be ready with full proof plan, divide your time in school, tuition, self study accordingly.
  • Never loose your motivation. Prepare with your full dedication level, enthusiasm, and hard work will always pay you. Remember your dream college and work for it.

Good luck!!!

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