Aug 8, 2016

5 Quick Exam Tips for AIMS ATMA Exam tomorrow

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5 Quick Exam Tips for AIMS ATMA Exam tomorrow

AIMS (Association of Indian Management Schools) will hold AIMS test for Management Admissions (ATMA) on 7th August.

The exam will include 180 MCQ in view of six sections.

Time Limit for the exam would be 3 hours. Candidates can download the admit card from its official website,

Quick tips:

  • Read the guidelines carefully before writing the exam and try to finish it within the limited time
  • Begin with the easier section and leave harder questions for the other round
  • The candidates should not begin another topic just a day before to the examination. Revise the books that you already have gone through before
  • Be careful with the negative marking during the examination; mark an answer just only if you are totally confident about it. If you'll just make wild guesses, it may lead negative marking
  • Stay calm and eat healthy!

Jeduka wishes students good luck for their examination.

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