Nov 23, 2017

Ways to Crack CAT 2017

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Few days are left for cat Exam 2017 Here is the some useful topics to know.

Way to crack cat 2017

1. The ultimate key to success is just to follow a strict study routine. When the student knows they have to do it anyhow, half of the CAT battle is already won.

2.Your preparation strategy should be to focus mainly on Quant as that is the general weakness area for many students.

3. Start your preparation in August

4. Prepare a timetable of what topics you would complete every week and stick to it.

5. Tag your textbook & reading materials. Create a revision time table & include regular breaks. Prepare & practice for long writing periods.

6. Keep testing yourself on a regular & continuous basis.

7. Take mock tests in online environment.

8. After every CAT mock test, you must analyze your performance & evaluate your scoring areas based on pattern of CAT question paper. The detailed analysis of own mock CAT 2016 paper shall bring just the PERFECT clarity on your strengths & weaknesses.

9. Focus on strength.

10.Once you are aware of your weaknesses, Practice a lot.

11.Set your daily, weekly & monthly targets & stick to it. 

12.Learn to manage your Time to stay ahead of your schedules.

13.Never compromise on accuracy even while you are just practicing.

14.During CAT exam, Stay focused, calm & relax.

15.Breaking the portion into manageable chunks and then knocking them off one at a time makes it more manageable & most successful.

16.Some people may require a little guidance & support to get the best out of them, if you feel you are one of them, do not hesitate to talk to your teachers.

17.Many students simply do not feel that they could dedicate a few hours every week travelling from home to the classes to learn a concept & then start practicing.

18.For engineering students, the Quant concepts are pretty simple, which means that it all comes down to practice. (Practice makes a man perfect!)

19.One can understand the need for help if you are from a non-science background.

20.Sticking to the strict schedule, utilizing the best of the weekends & focusing on quality preparation rather than quantity is the mantra. When you successfully combine these two you can become a winner in a long run.

21.Focus more on the concepts for the Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation section.

22.As long as your concepts are clear, you can solve any question in the exam. The CAT tests your understanding of these basic concepts. Reading daily newspaper is really also very important.

23.Ensure that you are never left too far away from two questions per minute. The worst thing in any competitive exam is to get stuck on any particular question which you can’t solve. Leave it & move on to the next question.

24.During CAT exam you will find 1-2 such very difficult questions. Use Reverse action method to solve these in your second round of attempts. You must go reverse while solving the questions & scan the answer options first. Many times, answer options hold crucial clues towards solving the questions. You may even try eliminating wrong options first; this reduces the number of answer options making it a little easier to find the right answer.

25.Whenever you are preparing its important for you feel good & your mind is alert

26.Finally stay confident & relaxed during the entire exam.

27.Learn to handle the pressure & you will definitely enjoy taking the CAT.

28.What you need is to realize that CAT isn’t like other exams in college.

29.Keep yourself fit & healthy. Get Proper & regular sleep.

30.Keep yourself cool with your favorite music on the Day of exam to stay relaxed.

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