Aug 6, 2016

CAT 2016: Expert guidance and Strategise

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CAT 2016: Expert guidance and Strategise

The application form for the CAT 2016 for admission to MBA courses at the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other well known management institutes is as of now out. While the examination will be holding on 4th December of this year, Candidates are as of now pulling up their socks and framing strategies to get prepare for CAT 2016 test.

Rajat Jain, who finished the CAT 2015 exam with a percentile of 100 and is currently studying at IIM Ahmedabad, suggests that a few hours on weekdays and six to seven hours on weekends should be given to studying for CAT Exam. "It is very important to know that where you have been now before you begin preparing foe CAT exam," he said.

However, from the last few days of preparation before the date of CAT exam, Rajat Jain suggests that applicants should not start preparing something new in the last week before the CAT exam. "At this point, the most part of the preparation is finished. Those serious about CAT are as of now finished with their studies. In any case, don't start anything new or extra. Try not to take new tests, mock tests or paper analysis. Try not to analyse the performance of others," he advises.

According to Archita Mittal, a MBA candidate set to take the exam this year, it is better to take one subject at time instead of take all subject at once. "It will be extremely confusing and monotonous if you study all subjects at the same time or simultaneously. If you can take two subjects and study them together for a week or two then it could be offer a refreshing change.

Coaching institutes across the country for giving preparing to clear the CAT exam. “Is CAT coaching centers are useful? “ Archita said, "It relies on upon the percentile you are dreaming of. You can clear the exam however external training helps you get the desired percentile by guiding you through technique to maximize efficiency and use your time better."

Adding to this, Rajat said, "For areas, for example, Quantitative Aptitude, you would require training. But, for subjects as English and logics, you can prepare it by yourself."

It is basic to make a schedule for every week, as arranging previously helps in avoiding a strategic distance from random preparation. To make a good planning to a great one, Rajat encourages future applicants to " take mock CAT tests very seriously. Analyse your performance and where you stand. Archita, on the other hand, feels one needs to work on accuracy. "In CAT, it involves percentile not percentage.”

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