Sep 15, 2015

6 strategies & tricks for CAT 2015 Preparation

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6 strategies & tricks for CAT 2015 Preparation

one of the real changes that has occurred is the presentation of on-screen adding machine. with this, hopefuls showing up for cat 2015 have a choice to tackle issues rapidly through adding machines.

the quantity of areas in the test have been expanded to three from two segments. additionally, time span for every area has been expanded and non-mcq inquiries will be presented without precedent for exam. test takers will get 60 minutes (an hour) to answer 34 inquiries in quantitative area. the choice of sectional adaptability has been scrapped in cat 2015 exam.

in this manner, there’s a great deal that cat 2015 registrants need to work upon before they sit for the exam. in any case, unwind! try not to stress over changing method and methodology for cat 2015. you require not arrange or pick another system for the exam. take after what you have been doing as such far.

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